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Cervello Railway Cybersecurity Platform

Get comprehensive security and in-depth visibility of the entire operational network and infrastructure, from signalling systems to telecom and rolling stock with Cervello’s railway cybersecurity platform.

Leading the Shift to Railway-Centered Cybersecurity

The Challenge

Transmission of critical operational data cannot be fully interpreted without a purpose-built railway cybersecurity platform.

Without a railway-specific security solution, assessment of the operational impact of cyber events is impossible. 

Manual intervention is needed to inventory and map assets.

Cervello’s Solution

Cervello’s unique passive zero trust authentication mechanism identifies misleading commands, without service disruptions.

Cervello’s platform enables a contextual view of the affected assets and operational impact.

The Cervello platform automatically discovers and segments all assets and devices into defined zones.

Core Capabilities of the Cervello Railway Cybersecurity Platform

Asset Discovery & Segmentation

Automatic discovery, inventory, and mapping of all connected assets, clustering into zones according to security standards and restrictions, systems category, and operational responsibility. Gain contextual visibility and analysis of the entire railway operational network at a glance.

Monitoring & Visualization

Comprehensive visualization with multiple display modes delivers a clear view of each cluster’s network properties and sub-network interconnectivity. Enables proactive detection of railway security and safety threats, misconfigurations, and any flaws or vulnerabilities.

Railway Security Threat Detection & Response

A passive, Zero Trust model – specifically designed for railway infrastructure – generates a wide net of identities for ultimate verification and authentication of the operational activity. Continuous monitoring provides early threat recognition and highlights all potentially impacted assets. Get actionable remediation playbooks and guidelines for ideal threat isolation to enable quick resolutions and preserve business continuity with Cybello’s railway cybersecurity platform.

From Raw Data to Contextual Visibility and Actionable Response

Cervello data collection

A Railway Cybersecurity Platform built for Business Continuity

Cervello’s flexible architecture allows on-premise or remote maintenance and diagnosis. Cervello easily integrates with all types of telecom, rolling stock, and signalling systems, allowing fully passive and non-intrusive monitoring and evaluation of the entire operational network.

Cervello Architecture

Discover Cervello’s unrivaled visibility and efficient railway security