Cervello Platform

Protect your operational environment with the world’s most trusted
rail cybersecurity platform

Instant asset discovery and classification, including all OT/ICS, IoT, Signaling, and Rolling Stock with 100% visibility and rich context to track behavior, detect threats, and help you take action to protect your running business.


Passive collection software for any type and size of rail environment

Passively monitors and assesses traffic from all rail critical networks, including signaling, rolling stock interfaces, telecom sites, and operational assets.

Assesses and prioritizes vulnerability and misconfiguration risks to remediate cybersecurity events without interrupting service delivery.

Shares all relevant data with Cervello Brain for analysis, alerting, visualization, and reporting.

Cervello Brain

Gain a comprehensive, contextual view of cyber threats by identifying rail assets at risk and the operational impact

Analyzes the data received from any Cervello-XE across the network (a single machine can run both Cervello Brain and Cervello-XE).

Applies patented security methods to assess threats based on a complete view of all environments.

Integrates with any SIEM/SOC or any other security tools for full coverage and collaboration through Cervello Management Console.

Cervello Management Console

Discover your risk posture in rail terminology, with tangible insights on potential operational impact

Consolidates all OT/ICS, IoT, Signaling, and Rolling Stock data and insights into one unified dashboard to gain better control of your entire rail operations.

Integrates with your existing IT security infrastructure and administrative systems for streamlined workflows and quicker response to cyber events.

Delivers instant action guidelines and incident response playbooks for all cyber incidents threatening your day-to-day operations.

Turn data into operational insights with Cervello Platform  

Simplicity that prompts better decision-making

End to end coverage of your entire attack surface, on one platform

Setting the standard for rail cybersecurity

Reach new levels of safety and performance

Accelerate digital transformation while ensuring the highest levels of safety. Our flexible architecture enables you to scale and secure as you transform, utilizing a fully passive and non-intrusive software.

Ensure your regulatory compliance

Comply with all leading cybersecurity standards (including TSA Security Directives, TS50701:2023,  NIS2, IEC 62443, and more).

Complete asset visibility and management

See, secure, and manage your operations with deep actionable context. Integrating into the existing operational workflow, Cervello allows your teams to understand issues quicker and ensure safety measures are met.

Eliminate blind spots and operate with confidence

A comprehensive view of the network enables informed security decisions and optimal operational actions. Rail teams resolve issues effectively within their own infrastructure using information they can trust.

Prioritize & focus on your most critical risks

Benefit from an automated prioritization of critical risks based on deep operational analysis across environments, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and network traffic to quickly mitigate threats and preserve business reliability and operational continuity.

Keep service continuity paramount

Proactively discover concrete risks and true attack paths in the heart of your operations so you can respond early and maintain service availability.

The most comprehensive rail cybersecurity platform

  • Quick deployment through flexible architecture design.
  • Covering your entire operational landscape, including OT/ICS, IoT, signaling, rolling stock and legacy assets.
  • Simple integration with existing SIEM/SOC, and various security tools as well as other IT systems.
  • Providing a quick, rail-oriented contextual analysis of assets and the operational impact of any specified risk.
  • Customizable for your own operational processes, needs, and requirements.

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