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Railway Operators and Infrastructure Managers use Cervello to ensure safe and reliable transport

Unlocking the Security Challenges of the Railway Industry  

For Infrastructure Managers

Continuous and safe operation of traffic depends on the ability to quickly detect and resolve threats to telecom, train management, and signalling systems. Full visibility and the ability to pinpoint and remediate threats as they arise provides a path to minimize uncertainties and operational disruptions.

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For Railway Operators

Railway operations depend on the authenticity of a multitude of signals sent and received on vulnerable communication channels. Constant monitoring and instant notification of any deviation from standard conditions with actionable steps to resolution enables efficient risk mitigation and business continuity.

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For OEMs

The modernization of mission-critical systems introduces crucial risks into systems that were originally designed to be operational for decades. Integrating cybersecurity-by-design into both modern and legacy systems minimizes such risks, prepares to exceed industry standards, and improves safety integrity levels.

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What Makes Cervello Different

Cervello leverages the full context of the entire signalling and operational
environment, prioritizes risk based on operational context and severity —
empowering your team to focus on the critical issues that matter most.

  • A Simple Connection is All You Need

  • We Don’t Assume, We Verify

  • Improving Your Safety

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A Simple Connection is All You Need

With flexible deployment and zero down-times, Cervello delivers significant
value within hours of passively connecting Cervello to your operational environment.

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We Don’t Assume, We Verify

Cervello analyzes your full signaling stack through patented authentication
and validation technology – without relying on prior data
or pre-known, sensitive information.

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Improving Your Safety

Cervello combines the functionalities of vulnerability management, visibility,
access control, traffic management, incident response, and context-aware
threat detection into a single unified platform that continuously correlates safety and security risks.

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Discover how Cervello provides unrivaled visibility and effectively protects critical railway systems