Margo AI

The World’s First AI-Powered Rail Cybersecurity Assistant

Reach an “All-Knowing” Level of Rail Cybersecurity Expertise with One Tool

Meet Margo, your new team member and rail cybersecurity expert.
Ask Margo a question and you will be met with a precise response based on a holistic and contextual understanding of your entire rail operational environment.

Margo delivers key, actionable security insights, in plain language, tailored to each individual user and team, ensuring safer operations with greater clarity and confidence. 

Strengthen Cybersecurity Preparedness with Collaboration and Precision

We recognize that each rail department speaks a different language. Margo delivers crucial network data and cybersecurity insights in a way that speaks to every role, from those with deep cybersecurity knowledge to professionals focused on other critical aspects of rail operations.

Margo facilitates collaboration between departments, boosting confidence in security decisions and fostering a unified approach to safeguarding your operations.

Mitigate Threats and Accelerate Incident Response with Smart Decision-Making

When a cyber incident strikes, time is of the essence. Margo leverages the power of Large Language Models (LLM) to translate complex cybersecurity data into plain language. This ensures that rail operators and infrastructure teams can quickly understand the situation and act decisively.

Ask a question and Margo will provide the precise, data-driven insight specific to your role, empowering each team with the information they need to quickly tackle even the most challenging rail decisions.

Bridging the Gap –

Actionable Insights Delivered in Your Language

  • Beat the breach with immediate access to key actionable insights.
  • Reach a deeper understanding at a fraction of the time with reduced investigation time.
  • Improve security risk management across departments.
  • Cut costs and potential financial risks by accelerating response and readiness time.
  • Mitigate operational threats without waiting on the availability of the security team.
Your New Rail Cybersecurity Expert: Margo.

Margo AI is named after Margaret Hamilton, one of the first computer software programmers.