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Why Choose Cervello As Your Rail Cybersecurity Solution

Cervello is trusted by the world’s leading rail operators and infrastructure managers.

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Why Cervello?

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Reach new levels of safety and performance
Accelerate digital transformation while ensuring the highest levels of safety. Our flexible architecture enables you to scale and secure as you transform, utilizing fully passive and non-intrusive software.
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Ensure your regulatory compliance
Comply with TSA and NIS directives, along with other standards for the safety and security of critical infrastructure and transportation.
Group 6248754Eliminate blind spots and operate with confidence
A comprehensive view of the network enables informed security decisions for optimal operational actions.  Rail teams resolve issues as they see fit within their own infrastructure.
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Complete asset visibility and management
See, secure, and manage your operations with deep actionable context. Integrates into the operational workflow to understand issues faster and ensure safety measures are met.
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Prioritize & focus on the most critical risks
Automate the prioritization of critical risks based on deep operational analysis across environments, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and network traffic to quickly mitigate threats and preserve business reliability and operational continuity.
Group 6248756Keep service continuity paramount
Proactively discover real risks and attack paths in the heart of your operations so you can respond early and maintain service continuity.

Discover unrivaled visibility and effective protection

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