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Railway-Centered Cybersecurity Services  

Consult with cybersecurity leaders with a vast variety of experience in the railway industry and deep knowledge of railway-specific cybersecurity. Build a comprehensive strategy to govern and protect your critical assets and maintain safety and operational efficiency across the entire railway.

Train rail and train

CISO Strategy Consulting

Cervello offers a unique vantage point and expertise in helping railway organizations tackle cybersecurity threats at the management level, enabling railway executives to build an actionable cybersecurity strategy that fits their specific business needs and objectives.

With our railway cybersecurity expertise on your side, you can make informed cybersecurity decisions, build an optimal cybersecurity SOC, and ensure resilience in the face of an ever-growing number of cyber threats.


Cervello can help you identify your compliance with specific railway cybersecurity standards such as IEC 62443 and TS50701. As experts in railway systems and cybersecurity, we can identify and quickly build a plan to let you meet and exceed current railway cybersecurity standards, and be prepared for upcoming regulations.

Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity risk assessments help organizations understand, control, and mitigate all forms of cyber threats. It is a critical component of risk management strategy. Using our railway cybersecurity platform and professional expertise we can help to automatically map your railway network infrastructure, help you identify, estimate, and prioritize your cybersecurity risks and their impact on your operations.

“Cervello brings a unique combination of experience and expertise in both cybersecurity and railway, taking a significant part in our mission to design and implement a European Rail Computer Security Incident Response Team”

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