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Cybersecurity: Purpose-built for rail

The rail industry is changing and cyberattacks on both passenger and freight railroad systems are an increasing phenomenon. We’ve witnessed attacks on railway systems in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe among others. Cyber experts aren’t surprised given the growing trend of digitalization in railway technologies to support operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

Cervello delivers more: 1 Platform, 7 rail cybersecurity solutions

Frame 6248658Network Visibility
Get full visibility and security analysis of all your critical networks, including all connectivities and dependencies. Easily configure virtual network segmentation to ensure operational safety and continuity.
Frame 6248653-2Asset Management
Identify and manage all the assets in your network, including all OT, IoT, and IT connected devices, as well as signaling and rolling stock.
Frame 6248659Vulnerability Management
Monitor and detect all relevant CVEs, allowing security teams to swiftly patch, mitigate, and manage all detected vulnerabilities.
0Frame 6248656Security Misconfigurations
Detect, prioritize and fix all misconfigured security tools within the monitored network.
000Frame 6248654Threat Detection
Continuously monitor and identify malware, suspicious activity and network threats before they affect your operations.
00Frame 6248655Investigation and Response
Use actionable guidance from Cervello’s incident response playbooks for quick and effective cyber incident remediation, including a breakdown of the operational consequences of each action in your rail systems and services.
0Frame 6248657Risk Management and Reporting
At any moment, get a report on your true cybersecurity posture with a full risk analysis of every event, prioritized by its impact on your railway’s services, systems and assets.
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Why Cervello?

  • 100% coverage of all your rail critical networks
  • A single, rail purpose-built platform
  • Prioritize the alerts and events that actually matter to your operations
  • Built-in cybersecurity regulatory compliance
  • Numerous tools in one platform
  • Maximize ROI through proactive risk management

End-to-end railway security made possible

Our dedicated solutions are selected and deployed globally by leading critical infrastructure and smart transportation organizations in the industry.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to benefit from Cervello’s expertise. We consider Cervello’s Platform to be the effective, comprehensive, and advanced rail cybersecurity solution available today.”

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